What are you most passionate about? "I am most passionate about the adventure. I love trying new things, seeing new places and discovering the next beautiful thing around the corner, especially with my trail sisters! There is just something about that bond you build that is so special."
Kristine Goodman
Trail Runner

2021 Goals

My goal this year is to focus on consistency in my training and to complete the ITUS series which I haven’t done since 2015.

I have completed 13 ultras, all in Idaho.  My favorite is the Beaverhead 55k.  2019 will be my 5th year.  I guess I also have a goal to PR that race.  🙂

Around the mountain trail at Bogus

Backpacking over a glacier on Mt. Hood


My favorite thing to do besides trail run is to backpack.  I love being out in the woods, with no cell service for a week!  I am also a decent gardener.  I love to lift weights and I love to read.


My favorite adventure was scaling down the side of a canyon wall with my 30lb backpack on when completing the circumnavigation of Mt. Hood!  We didn’t know that was part of the trail! Yikes!  


Coming over the pass at Alice Lake - Toxaway Loop

Cervidae Peak

do you have anything inspiring you would like to share with other women?

One day I decided to stop hating myself.  I decided I didn’t have time to care if I was to fat, to ugly or to stupid or to inexperienced, that I was just going to start doing what I wanted to.  The stories we tell ourselves are so important.  We must practice positive self-talk.  It’s been a pretty good time ever since.


I have an awesome husband, Greg and 2 black labs, Shady and Bama.  They are both bird dogs and champion snugglers. 

Kristine Goodman

Boise Foothills with my dog Shady


Yoga pose heading into China Ditch at Wilson Creek


Beaverhead Race

Backpacking around Mt. Hood

Avoiding Cows...


Snake River Canyon at Swan Falls

PR'd at Weiser River 50k