"I am continuously inspired by women who overcome obstacles to reach their own personal success. Whether it be coming back from physical or mental barriers, I think we can all draw strength from those around us. I personally have overcome many mental health challenges including bulimia, orthorexia, depression and anxiety and I think these struggles have only made me stronger and more relatable to those around me. The friendships and connections I've made through movement and the outdoors are life long bonds that I cherish deeply."
Jamie Stearns
Trail Runner


I grew up on a seven thousand acre ranch in Clancy, Montana.  I played outside, rode horses, rodeoed and had lots of fun with my younger brother.  Basketball was my passion all through school.  I went to Dental Hygiene school in Boise, Idaho and then we moved to Spokane, Washington for my husband to attend PA school.  We moved back to Montana in 2011 after being away for close to 8 years.  

I’ve been married 14 years to my husband, Morgan, who is a Blackhawk pilot in the military as well as a full time Physician Assistant.  I have four amazing daughters; Delaney 12 (gymnastics super star), Peyton 10 (basketball player and reading maniac), Kenley 7 (sweetest girl alive!) and Gia 18 months (our little Punky).  Our newest exciting news is that we have baby #5 coming summer 2019!

Christmas Tree Hunting in 2018

Running the Madison Half Marathon in Ennis Montana

running & 2019 goals

I started running at age 19 when I decided to sign up for my first race, the San Diego Marathon, with Team in Training Leukemia & Lymphoma fundraiser.  I ran primarily roads for almost 15 years until we moved to Ennis, Montana and I began training for my first ultra, The Rut Mountain Run 50k.  I’ve hardly ran roads since and my passion for the past 7 years has been trail running.  I struggle with foot issues so running trails has helped keep me going strong.

My goals have drastically changed since finding out that we are pregnant.  I had initially signed up and planned to run the Squamish 50 in August but instead I will now have a 3 week old newborn at that time.  My new and revised goals are to continue a yoga practice and hiking throughout the pregnancy so that I will have a strong return to running in the fall.  And I hope in the next few years to get that 50 done!


  • 3 Road marathons (Rock N’ Roll San Diego, Coeur d’Alene and Spokane, qualified for Boston Marathon in 2009)
  • 10 Half-Marathons 2002-2016 (Two 2nd place finishes)
  • Queen City Triathlon, 2012 (4th place)
  • 12k The Rut, 2013 (3rd place)
  • 50k The Rut, 2014
  • 5k Water to Whiskey Madison River Run, 2015 (2nd place)
  • 12k Lewis and Clark Trail Run, 2015
  • 30k Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run, 2015
  • 25k Crosscut Trail Run, 2016
  • 28k The Rut, 2016
  • VK The Rut, 2015 and 2018
  • 11k The Rut, 2018 (2nd place)
  • 12k Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run, 2018 

Finish of the Rut 12k

The girls longest hike of 2018 - 8 miles to Cottonwood Lake

hobbies & passions

I love everything outdoors – camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, running and anything outside in the mountains with my family.  I have really been involved in hot yoga this past year which has been extremely beneficial for my core and running.  In the past I was a personal trainer focusing on weight lifting so I have always loved being active.  I also love to read when I have the time and enjoy learning by listening to podcasts and books on tape during long outings.  We are also involved in our church and just love to spend time together as a family.

favorite adventures

  • Girls trip backpacking in Glacier National Park with my friends, Beth and Michele.
  • Hunting and winter camping in the Snowcrest Mountains with my husband.
  • Trail running in Hawaii
  • Hiking in the German Alps
  • Day hikes with my kids on our family camp trips
  • Girls trip race weekend getaways.

Beth & I in Glacier on our 3 day fast pack trip

Volunteer sweeping at The Rut and coming down Headwaters Ridge

Taking a break before the ascent to Lone Peak Big Sky

Kauai Trail Running

My main squeeze and I hiking Mt. Helena

Gia & I

Our first family hike after Gia was born Holland Lake Falls

Our first family hike after Gia was born Holland Lake Falls

Kauai Trail Running

Finish of The Rut

Excitement to see my family and girls at the Rut 50k aid station

Excitement to see my family and girls at The Rut 50k aid station