"When the going gets tough, think about your "why". Take a moment to stop and breathe. Reflect on your accomplishments. I've learned to pick up where I left off and avoid the negative self-talk like, 'ugh...I have to start all over'....'I'm not meant for this'...'I'm too old'...and so forth. Instead, I make the intentional choice to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep moving forward.
Jamie Pettit
Jamie Pettit
Trail Runner

about me

I’m 37, an identical twin (and a sibling to my little sister Faith who is 13 yrs younger) and I am a mother to Robert Hardy…my very talented and energetic 14 year old son who really keeps me on my toes!

  I grew up in Three Forks MT and in Challis ID about equal amounts of time during my K12 school years. However, I call Challis my hometown as most of my family lives there and that’s where I raised my boy from birth to his 7th grade year of school. Then due to life’s crazy circumstances, we moved to WA where we currently live.

Jamie Pettit
Jamie Pettit

Running Friends!

Jamie Pettit

2015 Run to the Pub - Bozeman MT, with my stepmom and Dad

Jamie Pettit

2015 Avenue of the Giants

When did you start running?

 It wasn’t until 2015 that I really got into running. Prior to that I was always interested in dancing, doing workout videos and walking around town with my twin sisterJessica while our kids either took a snooze in their strollers or ran along side of us. But whenever we exercised to those videos it was our escape from the stress of motherhood and life’s other stressors. We also had zumba memberships and once in a while we’d visit the local gym. I rarely worked out with myself…until I developed my relationship with running. 
   Exercise was and continues to be a constant in my life. I’ll never forget when my friend kept begging me to run with her. She said I promise I’m not fast and I can help you. It will be fun… I promise! I looked up to her as a friend and trusted her and finally mustered up the courage to accept the opportunity to “run” with her. (I quote the word run because when I started to “run” I actually walk/jogged)…
   To my surprise she WAS slow! I was so relieved and gained so much more confidence! I never thought I would consider myself a runner! I soon learned that running was an individual sport.  Although some do it for competition, others like myself do it for personal gain.You find your own pace and you always try to beat your last time.
   My friend taught me the basics of running and opened up the reality of what running has to offer. It was then in 2015 when I got the running bug and started signing up for 5ks and half marathons! I trained with the “posse” as seen on some old facebook posts. I also continued to dance and do other workouts too.

greatest running adventure

  One of my greatest memories was when our running group went on a run-cation to CA and ran in Avenue of the Giants half marathon. We all pooled together to pay for travel and reservation expenses and made the trip! I always reminiscece on that experience. I hold on to the memory of the adrenaline rush I had before, during and after that run!

Jamie Pettit

Avenue of the Giants CA 2015 Half Marathon

Jamie Pettit

hobbies, passions & 2021 goals

To this day I continue to stay in contact with my running buddies and have met new friends along the way. Unfortunately I took a few years off from running. BUT this year I’ve jumped back into it! I recently completed a 100 miles in May challenge..a fund raiser to help raise money to fight cancer.  I’ve also reconnected with the “posse” in Challis which helps me with accountability and gives me a chance to seek out advice and motivation! 
   Aside from running, I’m BIG about spending time with family! I love riding my horses, camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking. I’m a back-country girl and enjoy all life’s adventures! There’s so much life has to offer and I want to experience more! ….Time for another run-cation!! 
Jamie Pettit

Love riding my horses!

Jamie Pettit

Me and my identical twin sister

Jamie Pettit

Zumba! I love to dance!

Jamie Pettit

Coldwater Lake Mount Saint Helens Run

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