"Be authentic and don't try to be someone that you aren't...no matter what your accomplishments are or aren't. We all have something unique to offer and we just need to be confident in what we have to offer to this amazing world!"
Beth Shumate
Trail Runner

2019 goals

Winter Goals:  To ski as much as possible during the long winter months.  This includes both alpine and Nordic skiing.  I’ll also continue some bare bones maintenance running during the days that I can’t get out and ski.  I also ramp up my strength training routine during the winter months and this includes sports conditioning and weight lifting 1-2 times a week.  My hope is to learn how to skate ski a little better and perhaps I’ll attempt a biathlon with my daughter this winter if all goes well.

Backpacking in the Wind River Range

Finishing the Butte 50 Mile Bike Race 2017; 10th Woman Overall

Spring Goals:  To ramp up the mountain biking and running miles around March-early April time frame once the snow/ice melts some.  In late spring/early summer I will increase running/biking miles from a base week of 20-30 miles a week to 40-50 miles a week.  By June, I’d like to have a solid base of 40-50 mile weeks.  I’m committed to pacing a good friend who finally managed to get  into the iconic Western States race in late June.  So I need to be ready to pace him for the last 20-30 miles of WS!  How exciting!

Summer Goals:  July will be my heaviest mileage month for running miles and I’d like to be up to 60-80 mile weeks in preparation for the Squamish Races in British Columbia in late August.  I’m signed up for the 50 mile race but I’ve never raced more than a 50k so we’ll see how summer goes and if I’ll be up for the 50 miler or the 50k.  To complete a 50 miler is certainly a box that I’d like to check in life so that is the ultimate goal.  I might sign up for the Elkhorn 23k again this year since it would be a good training run two weeks prior to Squamish.  I might sign up for a mountain bike race that is held in Targhee in September as well.


  • Bridger Ridge Run 2003-Bozeman, MT (10th overall female)
  • Beartooth Pass Run (2 x-2004 and 2006) – Red Lodge, MT (top 10 finishes)
  • Governor’s Cup 10k 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 (top 10 finishes)
  • Heart and Sole Run 10k, Billings, MT 2006, 2008 (3rd and 5th overall woman)
  • Elkhorn Endurance Races 2010 23k (won overall – men and women)
  • Elkhorn Endurance Races 2011 23k (2nd place female)
  • Elkhorn Endurance Races 2012 50k (tied for first place female overall)
  • McDowell Mountain Race 50k – Arizona (3rd overall female)
  • Mt Helena Run (6 mile) 2011, (1st female overall & queen of the mountain), 2012, (3rd female overall), 2018, (4th female overall)
  • Don’t Fence Me In 12k 2012 (3rd place overall)
  • Don’t Fence Me In 30k 2013 (7th overall female), 2015 (25th overall female with a busted ankle)
  • The Rut Mountain Runs 2014 (VK & 12k), 2015 (28k-post-injury and happy to finish), 2017 (VK- 3rd place female), 2018 (VK-7th place female)
  • Wulfman’s CDT 14k Race 2010 — 3rd place female
  • Wulfman’s CDT 14k Race 2011 — 5th place female

Kayaking in Arizona - Off Season Fun!

Garden & Berry canned goods


  • Trail/Mountain Running (of course)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Bow/Rifle Hunting (especially elk, antelope, and upland bird)
  • High Mountain Lakes Fishing
  • Backpacking
  • Gardening…working the dirt!
  • Berry picking (especially huckleberries)…And then canning the goods into jelly/jams/syrup.
  • Hobby Farming (raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, etc.)
  • Journaling (writing current events/stories/poems of our nature-based experiences)
  • Baking (especially Nordic foods such as lefse) and traditional family recipes 
  • Splitting Wood (heats the body thrice)

favorite adventure

Backpacking into the Beartooths Mountain Range via the Stillwater Plateau into Wilderness Lake where time stands still and large boulders tumble off of mountain sides from mountain goats tripping them off the steep terrain.  It’s a 10 mile hike/run in on giant plateaus and high mountain terrain that is often plagued with fast-moving thunderstorms that bring lightning during the afternoon hours so moving fast is imperative.  From Wilderness lake, you can access multiple high alpine lakes that offer a turquoise colored paradise that is unparalleled with large trout caught on every cast.


Backpacking & Fastpacking - Wind River Range in Wyoming

My backyard trails in the Elkhorns

Opening yet another public trail for all to enjoy into perpetuity...love my job!

What Am i passionate about?

The importance of time spent in nature and the great outdoors.  Natural living!  Forget the botox, the prescriptions, the fake boobs, the virtual lives, the GMO foods, etc.

I am extremely passionate about all things natural from ourselves to our food to our experiences. 

“When one tugs at a single piece of nature, he finds it attached to another piece of the world” ~ John Muir

Nature is not a luxury but rather a necessity especially for our overall mental and psychological state.  We all need nearby nature: we benefit cognitively and psychologically from having trees, open spaces and water and all should have the access right to all of these bare necessities.  Nature is psychologically restorative.  Nature has immediate effects: a lower pulse rate and the beginnings of a parasympathetic nervous system response leading to feelings of peace and well-being.  It’s well known that obesity rates have tripled and asthma and allergy rates have increased dramatically in the U.S. in the last three decades and time spent outdoors is the answer to combat all of these preventive health issues.

My career is steeped with providing public land access for all to enjoy into perpetuity.  Trails, parks and and open spaces provide and allow the executive office of the brain to rest and restore while embarking on physical adventures that allow us to connect with our bare necessities.  Public lands are the equalizer and allow us to stay sane in a frenetic world.  Enhancing our access to our public spaces has been my ultimate passion for the past 20 years while also teaching people about the sheer importance of time spent outdoors in wild places.

Inspired by ~

The Mountain men of the 1800s who crossed multiple mountain ranges, rivers and traveled corridors filled with beasts that didn’t want them in their territory.  John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt who understood the importance of time spent outdoors for our sanity, our health and our balance.  Calamity Jane who could always hold her own with no fear despite endless challenges.  My grandmother, Cora Ramsey, who defied age and was one of the strongest women that I’ve ever met who outlived her husband by 26 years and managed to live solely on a working farm and fend for herself until age 94.  My father who instills the love of hard work, perseverance and determination…who learned it from his amazing mother, Cora.  My amazing children (Gunnar, 13 and Kora, 11) who share the love of the outdoors and remind me of the important things in life…simplicity, love and to always remain genuine and true to yourself.  They are rippin’ alpine skiers who literally have no fear of gravity and my husband has instilled the adrenaline-filled desire where there is no fear at a young age.  They are willing to try and do everything – if only we could all carry this desire on throughout our years/lives.

Backyard training ground in Elkhorn Mountains

Cheering on fellow running friends in the 2018 Rut 28k

Training time on Lone Peak

Providing race course assistance at my daughters cross country meet.

Elk hunting - Best fall season training!

VK Award Ceremony 2017 - 3rd Overall Female

2018 Rut Race with Jamie - both 1st in our age group!

Montana Cup Race 2018

Beartooths - Wilderness Lake

Daughter Kora after a cross country race -
1st place - 6th grade girls

My son Gunnar elk hunting with Mom