"No matter how far you go or high high you climb, take time to look back at where you started and appreciate the journey while allowing yourself to recognize how amazing you are. Also, Everyone has their hard. Never undermine your challenges nor anyone else's."
Alie Columbus
Alie Columbus
Trail Runner

about me

I love my running community and helping each other through the difficult miles and sharing the joys and stories of the good ones too!  I have a hobby farm so get my cross training in fixing fence or throwing hay some times.   I started running in March 2017 – a coworker/friend was asking for a runner to join her Sawtooth Relay team and then specifically asked me.  I found the joy of running and the silence and also celebrations it brings along the miles and ended that race hooked. I still thank her and run with her!

Alie Columbus
Alie Columbus

2022 goals

The goal race this year is Javalina Jundred which will be my first 100 miler.  I think it would be my only but, I’ve said that about the other distances before. haha! 

Greatest Running Adventure

River of no Return 55k (2021) – It was the first time I nearly dropped. I kept pushing, found some breaking points within myself but kept on digging into that pain cave. I learned a lot about myself at that race and about not believing the limits we set on ourselves.  
Alie Columbus
Alie Columbus

hobbies & passions

Animals are my passion. I work in the veterinary world and  have always been into animals. My favorite running buddy is my border collie who also has his own Garmin and Strava pages. I also ride my horse a little and am a newer mountain biker